Product’s designs

Designs of our products offers not only a full range of finished granite products, but also carries out projects proposed by Clients. This website provides models of the most popular designs of vases, bowl vases, balusters, lamps and other granite products. We are not limited only to the presented forms and designs. If you are interested in product, design or granite, which are not available in the gallery, please contact us. We are able to assess whether we can take the challenge based on handwritten drawings and general description.

Granite vases designs

Granite vase 1 (TULIP)

Granite vase 2 (PROSTOKĄT)

Granite vase 3 (CYGARO)

Granite vase 4 (KOŁNIERZ)

Granite vase 5 (KRÓWKA)

Granite vase 6 (FASKA)


Granite bowls designs

Granite bowl vase 1

Granite bowl vase 2

Granite bowl 1

Granite bowl 2


Granite lamps design

Granite lamp 1

Granite lamp 2

Granite lamp 3


Granite columns designs

Granite column 1

Granite column 2

Granite column 3

Granite column 4

Granite column 5

Granite column 6